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#SocialTV Digest - X Factor Judge X-its Analysis

With the announcement that Simon Cowell was making several changes to the line-up of X Factor judges (Nicole and Paula Abdul being the victims) it was inevitable that it would get kicked around various social media channels. After all celebrity gossip is the best kind of journalism. The point of posts like these is also to bring to light and discuss the kinds of behaviors I get to study when I analyze social media conversations at my job.

In this particular story the reactions to the announcements were fairly sentiment free, as people were far more interested in just spreading the news. When there was sentiment it was mostly apathetic towards the event. Which of course is kind of a normal response for the Internet. Conversations around the event were also significantly higher the 2nd day as more individuals picked up and tweeted out the story.

An audience analysis for such a show is always a challenge as you need to separate the fans of the show from the people who just love to hate. There’s also an additional challenge to using real-time analytics to decide who those fans would pick as a replacement judge, as the ones chosen for these kinds of shows are usually non-conventional picks. With that in mind I still look forward to performing this analysis closer to the summer. 

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